OxygenOS – A Better Look at the Unboxing of the OnePlus Nord 2 5G


The next big smartphone is coming out soon, and it will be the popular device that we’ve been waiting for from the OnePlus brand. One of the best selling smartphones, this one comes with an innovative Oxygen feature that lets you get a boost in battery performance while you’re out and about. With this ability, you can turn an average smartphone into a high power smartphone, one that’s always on the go. The Oxygen feature is available in the upper mid-budget smartphone, so it is not as costly as other devices in the same price range. But if you want the best and most cutting edge smartphone experience, this one is definitely for you.

This is the first device from the company that is an unlocked, or, “uba-rooted” version. All the good things about the One (you’ll see in the review) apply here too. One thing about the original OnePlus smartphone (the ones that were manufactured in China, rather than the mainland EU) is that they were extremely limited on the amount of apps that could be installed – particularly given their tiny screen size and low-power consumption. However, the newer models have an enhanced compatibility list, allowing many of the apps that you love on your regular smartphone to be translated over to the smaller mediatek version. Not all apps work in the new size, though, including Google Maps, so if you rely on this function for your day-to-day tasks (and most people do), you may want to stick to the regular phone.

This is a solid phone, but does not feel like it is much different from the company’s current flagship killers. If you’re looking for a mid-budget smartphone that still packs a punch, look elsewhere. The powerful Mediatek processor and Adreno multimedia engine inside the OnePlus Nord 2 5g just aren’t enough. It may have the same hardware as the iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S4, but if it wants to compete with its competitors, it needs to take some more consideration.

Like many of the budget smartphones on the market today, the One (or variants) offer nothing more than the most basic of mobile software features. This includes features such as no expandable storage, no camera flash, and the standard stock Android experience. You will find very few applications that are worth buying and most of the time these will be for individual developers or entertainment functions. The only reason to buy this phone is if you are going to use the default Android interface, since it will work fine with any smartphone.

The One’s biggest shortcoming is that it lacks any sort of cellular connectivity outside of the few pre-installed Google applications like Google Now. This means that you can download apps freely, but you won’t get any of the unique OxygenOS experience. This is a minor disappointment for anyone that has been waiting for an upgrade to unlock their bootloader, but it doesn’t change the fact that this phone still lacks any sort of useful software and experience. For those that need Android to fully customize their phone, this isn’t a big deal, but those that want the true Google experience are out of luck. For everything else, it is simply not worth the money. If you are in the market for an unlocked, cheap smartphone, the One will most likely disappoint.

While the One’s design is nothing to write home about, the lack of useful features leaves much to be desired. If you are looking for a phone that is functional but also has a little bit of style, the One does offer a lot, but it doesn’t live up to the expectations. In short, the Nordic headphone and earphones from OnePlus Nord are truly one of the best smartphone options on the market.

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